Freebies - Free is usually good.

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Freebies are promotional items that companies give away for free. You should always be careful when signing up for items but if you smart and disciplined then you should be able to take advantage of the corporation.

Bad Freebie
Free pen for signing up for a credit card.

You see sales representatives for credit card companies everywhere. There are in the malls hallways, in the big department stores, at Canadian Tire. Beware that their freebies are not worth it. When they sign you up for a credit card they usually sign you up for extras like purchase insurance or some other sort of free. You first credit card bill will be more than that $1 free pen.

Good Freebie
Shampoo sample packet by mail.

You go to a company's website and sign up with you address and answer a few questions they will send you a sample to try. The hope is that you will continue to buy their product. You gain by getting a freebie.

Some of you might say that giving out your name and address to these companies would be an invasion of your privacy. I would not be too worried about that. The amount of information that corporations have about you is enormous. I don't even know why the government bothers to do a Census when they already have all of the information about you that they ask for. - Knows everything about you and your friends that you have willing allowed them to know.

VISA - Knows you name, address, age, financial status, where you are (when making a purchase) and what you eat, drink, wear. - Using your IP or better if you are logged into iGoogle, reads your email, knows all of the websites you visit and what you search for.


Free Movie (or Concession Combo) at Cineplex

If you haven't signed up for the free Scene Card from Cineplex, now is the time to do so. The card allows you to collect points that can be redeemed for free movie tickets or treats at the theatre (like popcorn, malt balls, twizzlers, nachos ... whatever your fix is). Just by having the card you will always receive a 10% discount at the concession stand. It takes 1000 point to get a free movie or free concession stand voucher.

And how do you get these points? Well, one way is to use promo code 1070721 when you sign up or log in to your online account - you'll get 1000 free points, worth a free movie, or a free concession combo (large popcorn, large fountain drink, small candy)! Free, free, free! Or save up and get 2 adult admissions, 2 regular drinks & 1 regular popcorn for 2500 points. Just take your card with you to the theater to redeem the points.