Did you know that there is no law in Canada requiring police to respond to a home alarm?

The average response time for police to a home alarm in 2007 in Toronto is 20 minutes to half an hour.[1]

The Toronto Star stated that "
In interviews, several current and former members of police alarm units across the GTA also said that attending the small number of valid alarms they're called to rarely yield a burglar's capture.

Toronto police's Barkley said his force doesn't keep statistics on how often they catch burglars as a result of an alarm, but admitted it's not often."

Home alarms have a monthly monitoring fee of about $30-$50. Don't pay for the service. Have re-enforced doors and windows installed. Have home alarm stickers installed on all first floor windows and doors. Install security bars on your basement windows. Lock your backyard gate from the inside. This will mean that you will have to go through your house to unlock the gate.

If you have a home alarm system turn it on when ever you leave your home. Though it is not monitored it will sound and this should be enough to drive away the buglers and alert your neighbors. Always lock your doors and windows.