Rules of Life

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Benefits are no good if you don’t use them.

You have a dental plan from your company, you have medical coverage from work or through a government plan (eg. OHIP), you have sick days which are paid for. All of these are benefits are worth money. It is important that you use these benefits. Failure to use these benefits might result in costing you more money in the long run.

Don’t lend money and don’t borrow money.

When money comes between friends it always tends to place a strain on the relationship. It is easy for people to borrow money from you but hard for them to pay you back. Tell anyone asking you to lend them money that you do not do so.

There is always a cheaper and better alternative.

Economics states that if Company A is selling Item X for Y dollars then there will be another Company B selling Item X for Y-Z dollars. As a consumer you are looking for three things when it comes to purchasing an item. You are looking for Quality, Delivery and Cost. Quality is how reliable is Item X. Delivery is how soon you get Item X. Cost is how much will you spend for Item X.

Think of cost as a matter of percentage.

If Item X at Store A costs $1 and Item X at Store B costs $2 then Store B is a 100% more expensive then Store A. Every dollar counts and it is you money. Never settle for pay more. If Store B is selling for the same item you know that the markup at Store B is at least a 100% profit.

Time is money and your time is yours for free.

Everyone has heard the saying that `Time is Money`. So naturally you do not want to waste time. However remember if you are not spending your time making money, then you should be spending your time saving money. Do it yourself. Why pay someone to do them for you?