Public libraries are a great sources of entertainment material and knowledge.

Almost any book, movie, or CD that you want can be found at your local library. It does not make sense to go to a bookstore or rent a DVD from Blockbuster when you can get the same from your public library.

You will have to be patient and wait but a recent search or a popular movie "Rush Hour 3" in the Toronto public library system showed 206 copies. Any of these copies can be ordered to a location near you for free.

Canada has a private copy levy on blank media. Canada's current levies are as follows: $0.24 per unit for Audio Cassette tape (40min or longer); $0.21 per unit for CD-R Audio, CD-RW-Audio & MiniDisc.

This means that in conjunction with the levy, the Canadian Copyright Act allows individuals to make copies of sound recordings for their own private, non-commercial use. They may not distribute the copy.

You can legally copy CDs and other sound recordings that you borrowed from the library or from a friend as long as you use it for your own private use. You cannot legally copy a CD for a friend or lend a copied CD to a friend.

The government is trying to change the current copyright law in favour of the Music Industry to make private recordings illegal. However since 2007 the Canadian Private Copying Collective in behalf for the Music Industry has collected for $100 million dollars in levies.