A couple of days ago I posted about what would be the best cash out point for your Esso Points. This is a follow up post.

So, I tried to cash out my Esso points. I used to collect Esso points on an Royal Bank Esso Visa card. This card gives you Esso points for purchases at an Esso gas station as well as points for every dollar you spend on purchases anywhere else.

I stopped using this Visa since I had switched to a Dividend Cash Back Visa a little over two years ago. I am still collecting Esso points but with a new Esso account/Speed Pass.

The Royal Bank Esso Visa card did not have the Esso card number on it. It only had a customer number issued by Esso. So I called Imperial Oil (Esso) to get a replacement Esso card issued so I could cash out the 7040 points that I had collected on the old Esso card.

Customer Service Representative 1 (CSR) Hangs Up On Me

After navigating through the maze of automated menus that Esso had I got a hold of a CSR. I told her that I would like to get a replacement Esso card mailed to me. She then told me that I had no Esso account on file.

What? I had spent $7040 for 7040 points and now the CSR was telling me that I had no record on file. I asked her to check again. Reluctantly she checked and said that I had an account that had expired because I had not used it in more that 24 months.

That was true I had not used the Royal Bank Esso Visa card with Esso points in 27 months because I was using my Dividend Cash Back Visa. However, what about my points? She then told me you lost your points, they expire if you don't use the Esso card within 24 months and this was all in your `terms and conditions`.

I said it might have been but I received no notice that my card was going to `expire` and that I would lose my points.

She than said `hold on let me see what I can do`. Two seconds later I am cut off. I believe that she hung up on me.

Customer Service Representative 2

Not to be discouraged, and more adamant that before I called back immediately. Promising myself that if I don't get my points back to never buy gas at Esso ever again. All of the gas stations charge the same price anyway.

Navigate through the telephone menu maze and I reach a new CSR. Explained the situation again and she again informs me that my points are gone. However she said that she would reinstate them on a new card. She then asked me to go to an Esso gas station and call back.

I was not going to do this and risk getting another CSR who might hang up on me so I asked her to mail me a new Esso card with my reinstated points. She agreed to do that and I am expecting the card in 3-4 weeks.

Plan on cashing out right away.

Esso Extra cards expire after 24 months of inactivity and Esso will keep all of the points that you have collected.

My 7040 points was worth $40 in rewards and I had spent $7040 to collect then. Imperial with a revenue of $ 25.4 billion 2007 and $24.7 billion in 2006, and net income (profit after all expenses) of $3.2 billion in 2007 and $3.0 billion in 2006 really wanted my $40.


  1. Rachel @ Master Your Card // April 4, 2008 at 3:25 PM  

    I used to work for a bank that was very strict with their customers and not giving them any more than they needed to. However, in the long run I am sure that had te customer service been much better, it woudl have ende dup cheaper for the bank. Why? Well they woudl have not lost customers, they would have had customers recommending them to their friends. They would have had people investing all their money with them. They woudl not have wasted time receiving lots of calls from the same customers sortig out one issue if it had been dealt with effectively in the first place. The point I am making is that good customer service is very important.