Esso Extra Rewards is a loyalty program by Esso gas stations which give you points on most items purchased at the gas bar. With an Esso Extra card you earn 1 or more points for every dollar spent at participating Esso stations.

It is an incentive program to have consumers buy at Esso. Since the price of gas is the same at most gas stations, and there is usually more than one gas station on a corner it makes sense to buy at the station that offers you a reward.

  • Shell - Airmiles
  • Petro Canada - Petro Points
  • Esso - Esso Extra Points
So at when should you cash out and for which rewards?

Never cash out for rewards that have high markups. Use points to buy a bottle of Coke or Lotto tickets or even a car wash and you lose money. Gas stations are one of the most expensive places to buy things other than gas. Always cash out for gasoline. It is a necessity for most people.

You can cash in for a gift card and use it to buy gas or for gas itself. The gift cards do not give you the best points per dollar. A $50 gift card will cost you 8500 points. That is a cost 172 points for $1 of gas. $30 of gas paid for with points will cost you 5000 points. That is a cost of 167 points for $1 of gas. If you cash out sooner with less points you will lose money.

The best reward is the $30 gas, paid for with points, for 5000 points. It did cost you $5000 at Esso to earn those points. But it is money that you would have never had if you did a rewards card.

Believe me I know people who have 5 cars in their household and pay cash to fill up and who could not be bothered to collect rewards points. Sad....

Esso Rewards Returns

Esso Reward Dollars Points Pts/Dollar
$10 Gift Card 10 1800 180
$25Gift Card 20 4300 172
$50 Gift Card 50 8500 170
$10 Gas 10 1800 180
$20 Gas 20 3500 175
$25 Gas 25 4300 172
$30 Gas 30 5000 167
Tim Hortons $25 Card 25 4500 180
Dinner Out Gift Card 25 4500 180

You do not earn any points for fractions of a dollar. $20 in gas is worth 20 Esso points. $20.12 in gas is also worth 20 Esso points.

More blog posts to come on Petro Points and Shell Airmiles. Which is the best gas rewards program.


  1. Anonymous // May 8, 2008 at 10:26 AM  

    Cashing out $30 is better than getting a $50 gift card! Cash out as soon as you can. Esso could change their policy at any time and it could cost you more points later.

  2. neema // November 10, 2009 at 8:56 PM  

    Use points to buy a bottle of Coke or Lotto tickets or even a car wash and you lose money.

    Great write-up, but I'd double-check this. A Luxury Car Wash is only 599 points, and costs $12.99 if I'm not mistaken. That's about 46 points per dollar.

  3. Anonymous // February 10, 2013 at 7:22 PM  

    Yeah the car wash actually seems like the best value you can get for your points