Over the weekend I went to Pacific Mall to buy a new cell phone for the wife. I was looking for the Nokia 6500 Classic. The reviews for this phone were excellent. This phone also looking well suited for women. It is bronze in colour, slim and stylish.

In Pacific Mall there are a six or seven stores that sell this cell phone. Online on Craigslist this phone was listed at $310. This was the price I was expecting to pay since in the U.S. it was $290.

The first store (Communication Store, Unit A60) that I went to wanted $350 for the phone. On their website they were asking $450. We had spent to bit of time in this store looking at a few phones. When it was finally decided that we would buy the Nokia 6500 Classic I tried to negotiate the price but they refused to budge.

I was told that the sales associate had spent a lot of time with me. To which I replied `That is their job and regardless of whether I was there or not they would still have to be there. ` I was told to look around and come back if I wanted the phone. This was surprising because I believed that they would lower the price a little if asked. I has offered $320.

The next store that I want to wanted $330 for the phone. This was a bit better but still not what I was looking for. This is where I believe by mistake the sales associate slipped up and mentioned that they had a `few` stores in the mall.

I quickly looked around and yes, a sales associate in another store was in the first store that I had gone to. The fourth store that I went to had to go to the second store to get a Nokia 6500 Classic phone for me to look at. This store too wanted $330.

There were four cell phone stores in the mall owned by the same person located in the same aisle selling the same cell phones at the same price or higher! Sure the stores were small but all stores in Pacific Mall are small, cell phones are small. You are paying rent and sales associates in 4 stores!

I went to the one of the stores that did not look like it was owned by the same group. Here the sales associate said that `$330 is the price for this phone in this mall.` At this point I resolved myself into believing that he was absolutely right.

I ended up buying the phone for $325 but could not believe that there were redundant stores in the mall to give the illusion of competition. Just like the gas stations, I guess.


  1. Anonymous // May 11, 2008 at 7:47 AM  

    Pacific Mall is expensive. You are better off buying at one of the smaller Chinese malls such as Dragon Centre.

  2. Anonymous // October 5, 2008 at 11:04 AM  

    what you have to do is take a Chinese friend with you.

  3. Anonymous // March 13, 2010 at 9:12 PM  

    oh wow. its true pmall always cost a lot of you go to the sides to look for phones. you can the middle lanes theres one shop that sells phones for a low price. even the phones theres from other places like korea. its cheap.i cant really rememeber the name of the store. but if you go to pmall again you should walk around the middle lanes in pmall. first floor .