This tutorial will show you how to automatically shut down your computer at a scheduled time.

You can schedule your computer to shut down every night in case you forget and leave it on.

Shutting down your computer automatically will save you money. The average computer uses about 75 watts of energy per hour.

Click Start then Click Control Panel.

Click Performance and Maintenance.

Click Scheduled Tasks.

Double-click Add Scheduled Task. This starts the Scheduled Task Wizard.

Click Next.

Click Browse.

Search for shutdown.exe file (1).
Then click Open (2).

Select the Daily radio button (1).
Then Click Next (2).

Enter the time you want the computer to shutdown under Start Time (1).
Select the Every Day radio button (2).
Click Next (3).

Enter your Username (1).
Enter your Password (2).
Enter your Password again (3).
Click Next (4).

Select Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish (1).
Click Finish (2).

Click on the Settings tab (1).
Select Wake the computer to run this task (2).
Click Apply (3).
Click OK (4).

You should see an scheduled task which auto shuts down the computer.