Cineplex movie theaters allow you to buy tickets online using a credit card and then pick up your tickets at the box office. Cineplex calls this service Jump the Line. There usually is a $1 per ticket service charge but for the summer months this charge has been waived. This program guarantees you will have tickets to the movie when you get to the theater.

Cineplex also has a loyalty program called Scene. Scene members earn points that can be redeemed for movie tickets. 1000 scene points will get you one free movie ticket. This means that for a regular movie watcher, earning 100 points per movie, every 11th movie will be free. You will also get 10% off food at at the concession stands. Scene members using Jump the Line will earn 120 points instead of 100 points.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Jump the Line program.


  • Guaranteed tickets
  • 20 Extra scene points
  • $1 service charge (waived for the summer, but may be back soon)
  • You have to print you confirmation page
  • Still have to line up to obtain your tickets at the automated Kiosk or box office
  • Guaranteed tickets does not guarantee you a good seat
  • No Refunds
Even with the $1 service fee waived the No Refunds policy is what makes the program not worthwhile. I have to give Cineplex credit, they do warn you twice that you cannot refund your tickets and if you are buying tickets online before the movie then it must be a movie that you really want to see. However, a non refundable ticket for 20 extra scene points is definitely not worth it.

Most Cineplex movie theaters as a courtesy will refund your tickets within 45 minutes from the start of the movie. It is not a written policy but I confirmed today with a guest services manager that such a policy does exist. I have had to refund my tickets in the past. I was stuck in one of the front 3 rows from where you could not see the whole screen properly.

But if I had purchased Jump the Line tickets, there would have been absolutely no refunds. So even if I had purchased tickets hours before the movie started but got to the theater too late to get a good seat, I would have been seriously out of luck. I would either have to watch the movie from crappy seats or leave without getting my money back. The manager confirmed that Jump the Line ticket stubs will scan in as no refunds. This would be the last time that I use the Jump the Line service.

Purchasing tickets online will allow you to `jump the line`, well sort of, but once you click online you are stuck in the line whether you like it or not.

Frugal Canadian Living Rating $5.00/$9.50. Not as good as expected. All action, no storyline. The temple looked like the same set from National Treasure 2.


  1. Anonymous // June 12, 2008 at 2:11 PM  

    it is worh the extra dollar. the ability of buying tickets online faciliates having to go early to the theater to ensure tickets are still available; if you go early and have to pay for that extra half hour parking fee, then it is worth it. i've used this service a number of times, and find it really convenient and hassle free. i hate lining up for half an hour to finely hear "sorry sold out" just when i am about to be the second in line. C' mon for $'s worth every penny.

  2. FCL // June 13, 2008 at 2:45 AM  

    You have paid $1 to buy tickets online. However if you don't arrive early (and pay for the parking) you might not get a good seat and will be forced to watch the movie in crappy seats because there are no refunds. You are paying more for less.