Pigsback.ca was a website that allowed you to collect points for viewing various ads and reading newsletters. Unlike some other websites where you had to find keywords and enter them to get your points, Pigsback credited you points when you clicked on the page.

Without buying anything offered on the website you could collect 5 points which equaled 5 cents per day in about 20 seconds. I wasn't a member long enough to cash in enough points before the website was closed. I had collected 386 points. Which was worth $3.86.

"After a successful pilot campaign over the last six months, Pigsback.com is temporarily now closed for business in Canada while we work on finding new partners and better content for you. We'd like to thank everyone who has enjoyed the activities on the site, who has contributed to the contests and content, and who has recommended us to their friends over this time. We hope to be back in a Canadian city near you very soon!"

However all members were offered a free reward regardless of the number of points that they had. I filled in the form for a my reward and it came in the mail today.

It was a Quickpay Tim Card from Tim Hortons. Since these cards are refillable I called the toll free number 1-866-TIM-CARD (846-2273) to check the balance. The balance was $10.00. That was a nice reward. I will definitely consider signing up with Pigsback.ca if it reopens.