Each Canadian province has legislated minimum wages that must be paid to employees. However a minimum wage earner will have a difficult time making ends meet in every major city in Canada. After covering housing, transportation and food most will not be able to sustain a reasonable standard of living. They are among the thousands of working poor in Canada.

Minimum wage earners are still required to pay income tax. The provinces with the highest rates are New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. All of these provinces have federal and provincial combined tax rates higher than 13%.

Ontario has the highest minimum wage in Canada at $8.75. A minimum wage earner in Ontario would also earn the most after income taxes. The after tax earning in Ontario would be $16,326. A minimum wage earner in Saskatchewan would pay the most. The combined federal and provincial income tax paid would be $2,245. Manitoba is a close second, collecting $2,236 in combined income tax.


  • Minimum wage $8.40
  • Annual income $17,472
  • Income tax deducted $1,384
  • After tax income $16,088

  • Minimum wage $8.00
  • Annual income $16,640
  • Income tax deducted $1,115
  • After tax income $15,525

  • Minimum wage $8.50
  • Annual income $17,680
  • Income tax deducted $2,236
  • After tax income $15,444

New Brunswick
  • Minimum wage $7.75
  • Annual income $16,120
  • Income tax deducted $1,337
  • After tax income $14,783

  • Minimum wage $8.00
  • Annual income $16,640
  • Income tax deducted $1,938
  • After tax income $14,702

  • Minimum wage $8.25
  • Annual income $17,160
  • Income tax deducted $1,431
  • After tax income $15,729

Nova Scotia
  • Minimum wage $8.10
  • Annual income $16,848
  • Income tax deducted $1,844
  • After tax income $15,004

  • Minimum wage $8.50
  • Annual income $17,680
  • Income tax deducted $1,473
  • After tax income $16,207

  • Minimum wage $8.75
  • Annual income $18,200
  • Income tax deducted $1,874
  • After tax income $16,326

  • Minimum wage $7.75
  • Annual income $16,120
  • Income tax deducted $1,622
  • After tax income $14,498

  • Minimum wage $8.50
  • Annual income $17,680
  • Income tax deducted $1,892
  • After tax income $15,788

  • Minimum wage $8.60
  • Annual income $17,888
  • Income tax deducted $2,245
  • After tax income $15,643

  • Minimum wage $8.58
  • Annual income $17,846
  • Income tax deducted $1,637
  • After tax income $16,209

Designer Underwear

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Designer underwear cost three times more than regular underwear. In most cases the only difference is the company's brand name is printed across the elastic band. Save your money and buy regular, comfortable underwear.

The only reason you might want to invest in designer underwear would be if you had a hot date and Calvin Klein underwear would help you close the deal. But then, don't forget to wear you baggy pants so that your date can see your CK underwear.

The Top Ten Stolen Vehicles are:

  1. 1999 Honda Civic SiR 2-door
  2. 2000 Honda Civic SiR 2-door
  3. 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX/WRX STi 4-door AWD
  4. 1999 Acura Integra 2-door
  5. 1994 Dodge/Plymouth Grand Caravan/Voyager
  6. 1994 Dodge/Plymouth Grand Caravan/Voyager AWD
  7. 1994 Dodge/Plymouth Caravan/Voyager
  8. 1998 Acura Integra 2-door
  9. 2000 Audi TT Quattro 2-door Coupe
  10. 1994 Dodge/Plymouth Shadow/Sundance 2-door Hatchback

The Least Stolen Vehicles were:
  • 2003 Buick Le Sabre 4-door
  • 2003 Cadillac Deville 4-door
  • 2002 Ford/Mercury Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis 4-door
  • 2000 Saturn SW1 Wagon
  • 2000 Lincoln Continental 4-door
  • 2000 Volvo S70 4-door
  • 1998 Hyundai Accent 4-door
  • 1997 Buick Regal 4-door
  • 1996 Buick Park Avenue 4-door
  • 2001 Toyota Highlander 4-door 2WD
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If you want to earn a $75-$1100 you could always sell your body for money. Medical research companies are always looking for volunteers to test their drugs. The drugs must be approved for clinical trials by Health Canada, so I don't think that you would die from participating in these studies. However there might be some side effects from taking these drugs.

Two companies conducting medical research are Biovail Contract Research and Allied Research International.

There are quite a few conditions that have to be met in order to participate. You will have to fill out a long questionnaire, and depending on the type of study being conducted, there is a good chance you might be found ineligible to participate. However, the company usually will keep your information on file and you should get a call back you are eligible for a future study. Biovail has a subject database of more than 38,000 healthy adult volunteers.

There are basically two types of studies. The short session and the long session.

The short session studies are a few hours to one day. These studies usually require that you have a medical or physical condition that the company is researching. You participate by providing a blood or urine sample.

The long session studies are a few days. You will have to take the medication being tested. You will also have to stay at the research facility and provide regular blood, urine, and other samples. Most require that you continue to take the medication and return for follow up visits.

I know someone who participated in one of Biovail's long session studies. It was a 24 hour study. He was confined to their facility, had to take an unknown drug and provided blood samples every two hours. He said the facility was like staying in a hospital. They had a TV and a pool table. However he found it difficult to play pool with band aids on both arms from the needles. He earned $300 on completion. Who said selling your body for money was easy!

That was 12 years ago and he has not developed any super powers like in Stephen King's book Firestarter. So I don't think that there were any long term effects from the drug that he took.

Biovail Short Session Study

Study No.:


Study Start Date:

Thursday June 26, 2008

Required Availability:

Approximately 2 hours on Thursday Morning

Number of Sessions:

One short session (2 hours) with no return visits


$75.00 upon completion of the study

Smoking or Non-Smoking: Smoking
Volunteers required:

Males & Females

Age Range:

18 years of age and older

Additional comments:

We are looking for healthy males and females, not currently taking any medications, who smoke light cigarettes to give a urine sample.

No Confinement period.

Biovail Long Session Study

Study No.:


Study Start Date:

Sunday June 29, 2008

Required Availability:

Period 1:
Enter the clinic on Sunday June 29, evening
Exit the clinic on Tuesday July 1, morning (8-10am)

Period 2:
Enter the clinic on Wednesday July 9, evening
Exit the clinic on Friday July 11, morning (8-10am)

Number of Sessions:

2 sessions inclusive with no return visits


$1,100 upon completion of the study

Smoking or Non-Smoking: Non-Smoking
Volunteers required:

Males & Females

Age Range:

18 - 55

Your coupon for a Free 2L carton of Neilson Dairy Oh! milk will be mailed out to you within 48 hours
Get a free coupon for 2L of Neilson Dairy Milk (Ontario only).

The London Sun has an article titled The Eiffel Flowers about Gerard Brion a 29 year old Frenchman. He has spent last 15 years making Parisian landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Sacré Coeur out of old concrete blocks, baby food jars and soup tins.

A miniature city of Paris was built in his garden in Vaissac in the Southern France.

What a wonderful way to recycle.

More Pictures

How the Tax-Free Savings Account Will Work

  • Starting in 2009, Canadian residents age 18 or older will be eligible to contribute up to $5,000 annually to a TFSA, with unused room being carried forward.
  • Contributions will not be deductible.
  • Capital gains and other investment income earned in a TFSA will not be taxed.
  • Withdrawals will be tax-free.
  • Neither income earned within a TFSA nor withdrawals from it will affect eligibility for federal income-tested benefits and credits.
  • Withdrawals will create contribution room for future savings.
  • Contributions to a spouse's or common-law partner's TFSA will be allowed, and TFSA assets will be transferable to the TFSA of a spouse or common-law partner upon death.
  • Qualified investments include all arm's-length Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) qualified investments.
  • The $5,000 annual contribution limit will be indexed to inflation in $500 increments.

It is more expensive to buy apples in spring or cherries in autumn. That is because these fruits are not in season in Canada. They are imported from South America, harvested before they are ripe and travel in transport trucks to your local grocery store.

Fruit and vegetables that are in season are cheaper, fresher, and taste better because they are locally grown. They also make better fruit preserves.

McDonald's is offering a free 12oz Iced Coffee at participating McDonald’s restaurants in Ontario. Offer available only on Thursday June 19, 11am - 6pm.

Print the coupon.
Details of the offer.

Will this be better than the Tim Horton's Ice Cappuccino? Try one and let us know.

I remember going to dinner with friend and he noticed a beautiful girl and wanted to ask her out. My friend is quite a smooth guy and has some luck with the ladies. In this case however she turned him down. As she was walking away one thing that we both noticed was that she looked at his shoes. He was wearing a beat up pair of loafers.

Dress to Impress

In the two minutes that you have to impress someone new, that you meet your appearance can make or break the deal. This applies in business as well as your personal life. I find that one of the first thing that people look at are your pants and your shoes.

Making eye contact and looking at your face is a very forward interaction. Looking at the ground and thereby your shoes is more subtle. This is why a good pair of shoes is very important. Most people will tend to look there sooner or later.

Footwear that is not properly taken care of will crack and fall apart. You will definitely want to avoid wearing those ugly shoes outside of your home.

Most shoes are made in China. Even the ones with fancy Italian names. Cheaper material shoes look just as good as the real thing unless you touch it, and who goes around touching another person's shoes.

Unless your shoes are made of plastic, mid-range shoes can look just like the more expensive ones and if you take proper care of them can be made to last a long time.

Proper Shoe Care

  • Alternate between pairs of shoes. Shoes need time to dry out between uses; if you wear them constantly, perspiration will eventually break down the leather.
  • If your shoes are tight, use a shoe horn to get your feet into them. Forcing your feet will break down the back of a shoe over time.
  • Use your hands to put on and take off your shoes. Kicking them off will scuff your shoes.
  • Never drag your feet when you walk. You will quickly wear out the soles of your shoes. Lift your feet when walking. It also shows that you are a strong confident person.
  • Clean your shoes regularly. Just like washing your clothes, you shoes need to be cleaned.
  • Condition your footwear. Almost any material used in shoes requires conditioning.
  • Polish your shoes. If you have velvet shoes or some other that do not allow polishing, use special brushes to make them glow.
  • Preserve your footwear by using products for effective waterproofing. Waterproofing can be done with mink oil, waxes, creams and silicone sprays - depending on the shoe's material. Never wear good shoes in the rain.
  • Restore worn parts. If a quarter of the heal is worn out replace the heel. Heels are tougher to repair if them become worn down to the nail. Getting partially worn shoes half-soled will make them last another year or two.
  • Add rubber tips to the heels and the front of the sole. When most women walk with a pointy toe shoe, they dig the tip into the ground, and that can eat the hole in the leather.
Use Ceder Shoe Trees
  • Shoe Trees are plastic or wooden inserts that you place inside your shoes when they are not in use.
  • Cedar shoe trees have several advantages over plastic. They tend to last longer; add a clean cedar scent to footwear; and work better at keeping the natural shape.
  • Shoe trees can slow, or even prevent your shoes from developing creases, making them particularly useful for dress shoes.
  • Shoes trees are also useful for maintaining the shape of shoes when polishing.
  • Unworn shoes shrink over time. Using a shoe tree will help to prevent shrinkage.
  • Cedar shoe trees also absorb moisture. Plastic shoe trees will not.
Clean Your Shoes



  • Velvet should be cleaned with dry cloth only as water will ruin the material. To remove dirt, rub the shoes gently avoiding round moves.
Mesh materials
  • Use damp sponge to clean the upper material.
  • Use waterproof products to protect the fabrics from water.
  • To remove dirt from suede upper material, use a brush.
  • Never use polishers on suede, as it will ruin the nap of the material.
  • Use soft waterproof products to prevent water ruining the tender material.
Miscellaneous Fabrics
  • Use damp sponge or dry cloth to clean the upper material.
  • In case you are uncertain, use dry cloth to remove dirt, rubbing the material gently.
  • Use invisible colorless products to protect your shoes from water and dirt.
Storing Your Shoes
  • Store shoes in their original box or another container to keep them from getting crushed and collecting dust.
  • Wet shoes should dry at room temperature, not in the dryer or by the fireplace. Heat causes leather to dry out and crack.
  • Travel with care. Put shoes in a flannel shoe bag and use shoe trees to keep them from getting crushed and scuffed in your suitcase.

Much advancement in technology has been made to prevent car theft. Most high-end luxury vehicles are equipped with alarms, and anti-theft devices, that make them very difficult to steal without keys. They also have keys which cannot be duplicated.

However steal your keys and a thief has the complete access to your vehicle. Thieves are actually breaking into homes just to steal your vehicles keys. This is happening because most people leave their vehicle keys by the front door of their home. While providing easy access for the vehicle owner it also allows easy access for car thieves.

Targeting You At Home

Organized gangs of thieves study neighbourhoods that have high-end luxury vehicles. They might drive around looking at target vehicles that are parking in driveways. Another popular method of targeting cars is to follow the target vehicle home from an expensive restaurant. Your vehicle is not stolen immediately. They study and collect information on you to enable them to steal your vehicle as quickly and easily as possible at a later time.

A member of the gang comes to your door and looks through the windows to see if you leave your keys by the front door. They might pretend to be a door to door salesman, and ring the door bell. When you open the door they get a chance to look inside to see if there is a key holder, or a basket with keys by the front door.

If you are gardening and your front door is unlocked the thief might just sneak in and steal your car keys. Thieves have been known to insert a long pole with a magnet through the mail slot and remove your keys.

While these methods are innovative most car thefts occur while the home owner is sleeping. Car thieves kick in your front door or break your home’s front window, grab the car keys, open the garage door and drive off with your vehicle. The entire theft occurs in a matter of seconds.

Preventing Vehicle Theft

  • Always lock your vehicle, even while in your driveway. Keep your windows rolled up.
  • Park the vehicle in a locked garage whenever possible.
  • Never leave your vehicle running while unattended. If you need to warm up your vehicle, install a remote starter.
  • Never leave your keys in the vehicle. Do not keep a spare key hidden in your vehicle, or in your wallet.
  • Maintain control of your vehicle keys at all times. Do not store them in a visible place when at home or at work such as a key holder, a basket of keys, in a hallway drawer. Keep your keys in your bedroom night stand.
  • If you hang your coat in a common area of a public place (a restaurant or hair stylist for example) your car keys and other valuable should not be left in your coat.
  • Always secure your home's doors and windows.
  • If your home is equipped with a security system, activate it whenever possible but especially when away from the home or retiring for the night.
  • Evaluate and upgrade your home's exterior lighting if necessary. Install motion sensors and lighting.
  • Be aware of suspicious persons and vehicles in your neighbourhood and report suspicious activities to police, including licence plate information and suspect description, immediately.
  • Vehicle owners may also wish to consider installing one of the many vehicle-tracking systems available on the market.
  • Record the serial number of all electronic items that you have in your vehicle such as your GSP, stereo. If the police recover your stolen items they need that information to return them to you.

When I bought my HDTV I received a Rogers HD cable box free for one year. Now, sadly that free period is over. Faced with the prospect of paying the monthly rental fee of $12.95 for the box I decided to buy one instead.

Future Shop sells Rogers cable boxes to Rogers customers in Ontario. They offer three different high definition boxes.

Rogers Explorer 4250 High Definition Cable Box - $269.99
Rogers DCT 6200 High Definition Cable Box - $299.99
Rogers DCT 8300 High Definition PVR Cable Box - $549.99

There did not seem to be much of a difference between the features of the Explorer 4250 and the DCT 6200. The rental box was not a PVR and I did not think that the higher cost of the PVR DCT 8300 was worth it. So I decided to buy the Explorer 4250.

I always email my friends about discounts that I could get through my work and ask them about the discounts that they could get. Swapping employee discounts with your friends will save you money.

The Explorer 4250 was on sale for $249.99 after a $50 discount last week, with tax my total would have been $282.49. I called my friend who works at Future Shop and he was able to get the box for $200, taxes included. That saved me a further $82.49 off the sale price.

I checked Craigslist to see if the HD box would retain its value. I found an Explorer 4250 on sale for $220. So as long as Rogers did not reduce the retail price, the box would retain its value.

The monthly rental from Rogers would have been $13.60. I will have recovered the full price of the high definition box after 15 months. Even if I was to sell the box earlier, I should be able to recover most, if not, all of the purchase price because the box is selling at a higher price that what I paid.

When buying a used Rogers box from anywhere, ask for the serial number and phone Rogers (1-866-894-9962) before purchase to make sure it's not stolen or a rental. The serial number of the box is a 9 digit alpha-numerical number. Also make sure that the seller has deactivated the box from his account. Rogers will not activate a box that is still active at another address.

Call Rogers and authorize your new box. Then return your rental box to a Rogers video store. Make sure that you receive a receipt for your rental return. Once the rental has been returned your new box should be activated automatically.

The city of Montreal changed its parking meters in 2004. Montreal’s parking meters were replaced with new multi-spot parking meters. Each parking spot in the city was numbered. Every few meters on the block a digital parking meter was installed. Accepting both Canadian coins and credit cards they allow you to purchase parking time.

Montreal’s multi-spot parking meters are solar powered. All credit cards are authorized before payment is accepted therefore fraudulent credit cards do not work on them. Parking spots are electronically monitored and parking police are dispatched to expired spots to check for illegally parked cars. The meters will not allow you to purchase time during no parking times, such as during rush hour.

How to Park in Montreal

After parking your car at a numbered parking spot you memorise your parking spot number. You then find the nearest multi-spot parking meter, enter the number of your parking spot and deposit your payment. The meter will print a receipt for you. You do not place this ticket on the dash of your car. The meter also informs the parking monitoring center a spot has been occupied.

When the time expires on the parking spot, the parking police are dispatched to check if you are still parked there. A ticket is issued if your car is found to be parked in an expired parking spot.

There is a maximum amount of time that you can purchase and you should wait for the entire hour to expire before you purchase more time. If you pay for more time before your first block of time expires then any remaining time from your first block will be lost. For example of you bought one hour of time and after 45 minutes you buy another hour you will lose 15 minutes that you paid for from your first hour.

This payment system allows for the city to double charge for the same parking spot. If you leave your parking spot before your time on the meter has finished the person parking after you will still have to pay for that time. They will not know that there was still time on the meter and will pay as they normally would for the time on that parking spot. The old single spot meters used to indicate the time remaining.

You can pay for any spot in the city from any multi-spot parking meter. So even if you have parked your car a few blocks away from where you are, all you have to do is find a multi-spot meter and enter your parking spot number and deposit your payment. Since you do not leave your receipt on the dashboard you will not have to return to your car.

There are some flaws in this system. People have wrongly received tickets for being illegally parked. If someone incorrectly enters your parking spot number instead of theirs, they will reset the time on your spot. The time on your spot might run out sooner that you had paid for. Parking police are dispatched when you spot expires and since receipts for parking spots do not have to be placed on the dash of your car they will issue you a ticket.

Parking Problems

The potential for abuse of this system exists. Most of these problems exist because the city wants to increase its profits by double charging for parking spots.

Intentional Tickets

This method does involve a large investment in time. In order save a few dollars you will have to spend a few hours fighting your ticket in court.

  • Park your car and pay for 30 minutes. Keep your receipt.
  • Wait 2 minutes and pay for again for 5 minutes. Discard this receipt.
  • After 5 minutes the parking police will be dispatched and will issue you a ticket.
  • The time on the ticket will be less than the 30 minutes that you have a receipt for.
  • You can now leave your car parked for a few hours. Usually the parking police will not issue you a second ticket.
  • Take your ticket to court and fight it.
  • You will win. The parking ticket is void because it was issued in under the 30 minutes that you have a paid parking receipt for.
Citizens Parking Tickets

Someone could get the parking police to issue you a ticket, even if you are legally parked. Maybe you cut someone off or maybe someone is jealous of the car that you drive. To issue you a ticket all they have to do is deposit 5 cents in a multi-meter parking spot and enter your parking spot number. Even though you have paid for 1 hour of parking they have now reset the time on your parking spot. A few minutes later the parking police will issue you a ticket. You now have no choice but to pay this wrongly issued ticket. You could fight this ticket but it would involve you spending a few hours in court.

Since the parking police are dispatched by the multi-spot parking meter, as soon as the time expires, the person could wait around and removed the ticket from your windshield after it has been issued. This way you would not know about your ticket till you try to renew your license plates. At which point you would have to pay the ticket and further fines for making a late payment.

Preventing Double Charging

Residents of Montreal could prevent the city from double charging by give the parking receipt to the person taking their spot when they leave. This shows the person parking how much time is left before they have to pay for more time. They could also tape their ticket to the numbered parking sign.

Preventing Wrong Ticketing

The city of Montreal could prevent theses problems by requiring parking receipts be placed on the dashboard of all cars. The parking police could then check these receipts before issuing tickets. Currently, even if you place your receipt on the dashboard the parking police will not check because they are not require to do so.

Montreal’s parking system is prone to less abuse thanToronto’s. Montreal’s parking system is more controlled because the credit cards are validated and parking spots are regularly checked. Toronto’s parking meters still accepts invalid credit cards because the cards are not validated. However there are some serious issues that have been created by the city’s attempt at increase profits by double charging for parking spots.

Don't want to throw away those pieces of soap that are too small to use. Soap maybe cheap but it is easy to squeeze every last bit of cleaning power out of it. This works great for those hotel soaps that you brought home from you last trip.

A New Bar of Soap

  • Soak all of the bits of soap in some water.
  • Squeeze together the bits of soap till a solid piece is formed.
  • Place the watery soap in a tin container, such as a clean tuna can and form.
  • Place container in the sun and wait for the water to evaporate.
  • Remove the new bar of soap from the container.
Liquid Hand Soap
  • Cut up the bits of soap into smaller pieces. The smaller the better.
  • Place them in your liquid hand soap container.
  • A little water can be added if the mix is thick.
  • Shake the container for a few minutes.
Not Worth It

There are a few methods of reconstituting new soap that might not be worth the cost. These methods use energy or require you to buy items. They are not worth the cost because cheaper methods exist.
  • Blending the bits of soap in a blender
  • Buying ingredients to make new soap using the old bits of soap
  • Microwaving or boiling the soap bits to make new soap