Don't want to throw away those pieces of soap that are too small to use. Soap maybe cheap but it is easy to squeeze every last bit of cleaning power out of it. This works great for those hotel soaps that you brought home from you last trip.

A New Bar of Soap

  • Soak all of the bits of soap in some water.
  • Squeeze together the bits of soap till a solid piece is formed.
  • Place the watery soap in a tin container, such as a clean tuna can and form.
  • Place container in the sun and wait for the water to evaporate.
  • Remove the new bar of soap from the container.
Liquid Hand Soap
  • Cut up the bits of soap into smaller pieces. The smaller the better.
  • Place them in your liquid hand soap container.
  • A little water can be added if the mix is thick.
  • Shake the container for a few minutes.
Not Worth It

There are a few methods of reconstituting new soap that might not be worth the cost. These methods use energy or require you to buy items. They are not worth the cost because cheaper methods exist.
  • Blending the bits of soap in a blender
  • Buying ingredients to make new soap using the old bits of soap
  • Microwaving or boiling the soap bits to make new soap


  1. Jerry // June 2, 2008 at 2:42 AM  

    I have to use "special" soaps for my sensitive skin (the regular stuff makes me an itchy-scratchy mess), so any ideas to offer some insurance that leads to getting the most out of my not-so-cheap soaps is welcome! I also think that tuna-can shaped round soaps would look kind of cool, too. Not a bad idea!