Frugal Way to Watch Movies

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Big budgets, bigger stars, mostly crappy movies. That is what Hollywood turns out these days.

Hollywood releases new movies on DVD every Tuesday. Usually there are only one or two good movies in the bunch. Use Internet Movie Database ( to check out the rating of a movie. The number of votes indicates the number of people who rated the movie. The rating of a movie tends to be more accurate if more viewers rated it.

Since the movies are rated by the movie going audience they tend to be more accurate.
Reviews of movies by critics are sometimes very subjective to the critics particular tastes. Never decide to watch a movie based on its trailer. Trailers contain 30 seconds of the best action, dialogue, and acting in the movie.

Movies with more than 1000 votes and a rating greater than 6.5 are watchable. Excellent movies will have a rating of 7.5 or higher.

July 8, 2008 New DVD Releases

Superhero Movie - IMBD Rating 4.0 (7,322 votes)
Stop-Loss - IMBD Rating 6.5 (2,571 votes)
The Ruins - IMBD Rating 6.3 (5,730 votes)
Charlie Bartlett - IMBD Rating 7.3 (6,206 votes)
Funny Games - User Rating: 6.6 (6,706 votes)
Batman: Gotham Knight - IMBD No Rating
The Tracey Fragments - IMBD Rating 6.5 (1,124 votes)
Bella - IMBD Rating 7.5 (4,019 votes)
Stories of Lost Souls - IMBD Rating 6.2 (289 votes)
Romulus, My Father - IMBD Rating 7.1 (859 votes)
Bonneville - IMBD Rating 6.0 (624 votes)
Impact Point - IMBD Rating 3.8 (54 votes)
Towards Darkness - IMBD Rating 5.7 (108 votes)