We blogged about it in our post Electronics Recycling Fees, now Ontario is all set to charge environmental fees for electronics.

$10.07 for a Television
$2.14 for a laptop computer
$13.44 for a desktop computer
$12.03 for a monitor
$5.05 for a printer
32¢ for a mouse or keyboard

Products covered in the next phase of the recycling program (fees to be determined), which goes to province for approval next summer, include:

Telephones, cellphones, BlackBerrys and pagers, answering machines, modems cameras, photocopiers and flatbed scanners, video and DVD players, radios and stereo equipment


  1. confused // July 13, 2008 at 2:53 PM  

    enviromeental fees are just the latest thing for the government to weasel money out 9of the general public..they can't run anything within a budget so there whole mantra is to think up new ways to get more money..it's getting tp the point of being ridiculous..private enterprise is the same..administration fees..service fees you nmae it..which is why the underground economy is thriving ..it will end up like other programs where the general public up to their ears in and fees find a away around it..cash is king..