We often get telemarketing calls at home. The phone rings, I pick it up and say `hello` and there is a pause on the other end, a couple of seconds later a person asks `is mister ... home.`

The pause happens when that the telemarketing centre's automated phone dialing program transfers the line to a telemarketing representative. The wife hangs up the phone if after answering the phone she hears a pause. She has even hung up on one of her friends who like is a `pauser` a couple of times.

I prefer to talk to the telemarketers. My conversations usually go somewhere along the lines of, I am on the do not call list, why are you calling me and please add me to your do not call list. During this brief conversation I can always hear the conversation of the other telemarketing reps in the background.

Today I called ING Direct and while I was talking to the CSR I was surprise to hear the conversation of the other CSRs in the background. The conversation was between two women and they were discussing their evening out last night. It definitely sounded like they had had a good time. It was also distracting while I was talking to my CSR about money. I did not want her to mishear any of my instructions and transfer my money to some guy in Bolivia.

This was the first time that I have been able to hear the other CSRs and I mentioned that to my CSR at the end of the call. She said that they had updated their telephone system and that her microphone was probably picking up the conversation because it was more sensitive. I said sure and suggested that she provide feedback to her supervisor or manager so that they could resolve this issue.

Her reason might have been true, but I believe that it would have been more likely that she had a couple of friends sitting in her cubical chatting away. Maybe when ING out sources their jobs to India, due to poor producitivity, they can get themselves jobs as telemarketers.