Home Depot Customer Service

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Last week Home Depot had a 4 day special where if you bought $50 worth of items they would give you $10 off. I used this coupon to buy $76 worth of items. When I got home I realized that one of the purchased items of $12.95 a power chord would not fit the outlet that I needed it for. So I took my receipt and tried to return the item.

Home Depot has a policy of 90 days and you get your money back. If you return an item after 90 days you will get a store credit. If you don't have a receipt you will get a store credit.

Since I had used the $10 coupon the receipt stated for each individual item that I would only get a $11.75 refunded back because a discount had been applied to it. I understood that this would be the case but I want to see if the store would be able to fully refund or give me store credit because:

1. Had I lost my receipt I would get a store credit for $12.95
2. Since I had bought $76 worth and the item was only $12.95 if I had split the bill I would be refunded the full amount.

So I went to the store and explained both of my reasons to the HD representative at the returns counter. She however said that she could not refund me the full amount because the computer was setup to only give back the discounted price. I then explained to her that had I said that I did not have a receipt she would give me the full amount as store credit. To this she said now that she had seen my receipt, I would be lying that she still would not refund me the full amount.

Since she was not able to resolve my issue I asked to speak to the manager. Hoping that the manager would be able to resolve the situation better. The HD representative at the returns counter paged another woman who came over and I explained my reasoning for requesting a store credit for the full amount.

At all time I was professional and polite. Having worked in customer service before I know that most people are more receptive this way. However HD representative #2 became very agitated, she refused to listen to me after 2 minutes, crossed her arms and said, that was it and there was nothing that she would do.

I initially believed that HD representative #1 had gotten the store manager, however I found it surprising that a store manager would act in that manner, so I asked to speak to her superior. To which HD representative #2 said `There is no only else that you can speak to. If you want you can call head office in Atlanta.`

I was shocked, I knew that she was lying, and this was getting personal. Every corporation has a progressive chain of command. I did not believe that after talking to 2 representatives I would have to call head office. I know that it was only $1.20 but now it was becoming a matter of principle.

I walked out of the store. Took out the receipt and called the store. I asked the man on phone the name of the store manager, who was not on site. I then asked for the name of the duty manager, and to no surprise her name was not the same person that I had just talked to. I waited on hold and talked to her. I again explained my situation and she said it would not be a problem and that she would use her discretion to give me the store credit.

I went back in the store. Went straight to customer service and spoke to the duty manager. HD representative #2 was also there. Her position at the store was the head cashier and she was literary huffing and puffing, walking back and forth behind the counter stating that the duty manager should not be accommodating me.

I felt sorry for the duty manger, having a difficult employee, who would argue and challenge a decision that she had made in front of other staff and customers.

I ignored her, but told the duty manager, that `the representative was a liar, and had she not been rude I would not have been so adamant about refunding the $1.20.`