The Price of Vodka

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Vodka's taste notes are so subtle that most people cannot differentiate between different brands by taste. Vodka is a neutral spirit. There's no aging involved. No oak barrels to add flavour. Vodka is distilled to create a spirit that is as pure and clear as possible.

The slight differences in the taste of vodka depend on the grain used, and the number of times the spirit was distilled. It can only be noticed when drunk, straight, frozen straight, or with distilled ice.

Vodka used in mixed drinks will be over powered by the taste of the other additives in the drink. The wide variety in the price of vodka is based on product marketing. What is essentially the same product is marketed at prices from $8.00 to $60.00.

You should not make your choice based on bottle, label design, country of origin or brand.

Cheaper vodka when used in mix drinks will taste the same as the more expensive vodka.

Paint Ball Fun

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Having played paint ball many times back in high school I found it to be lots of fun and great exercise. Running around and shooting your friends with a paint ball gun brings out the primal hunter in all of us. If you are looking to get back into the sport check out Ultimate Paintball for all of your paint ball supplies. They carry all of the popular models such as Tippmann, Spyder, Smart Parts, Dye, Empire, and Draxxus.

Rogers Rates Increasing

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Rogers is increase most of their rates on March 1, 2009. Their letter announcing their new rates states "New rates: We're innovating so we can bring you leading-edge services now and in the future."

It should probably read "New rate increase: We're innovative so we can bring you leading-edge price increases now and in the future."

These rate changes will only affect those customers without a contract. The letter states "If you are currently enjoying a promotion, your discount will remain for the duration of your promotion period."

It should probably read "If you have a contact Rogers at a promotional price this rate increase does not affect you. Because if it did we would be breaking our contract with you and you could walk away from the contract without paying any penalties. But don't worry, we will get you with the price increase in the future."

So how much are the rates going up by? The following services are going up in price. The letter makes it look like just a few cents but we have broken it down for you as a percentage over a year.

PersonalTV Packages

  • Basic Cable - $28.49 to $29.99 - 5.27%
  • Cable Plus Original - $15.49 to $16.49 - 6.45%
  • Cable Plus Select - $15.49 to $16.49 - 6.45%
  • MeTV Pak - $15.49 to $16.49 - 6.45%
  • Cable Plus Combo - $20.49 to $21.49 - 4.88%
  • Ultimate - $25.49 to $26.49 - 3.92%
  • Extended Basic - $53.98 to $56.48 - 4.63%
  • VIP Digital Cable - $61.97 to $64.97 - 4.84%
  • Digital VIP Ultimate - $81.95 to $84.95 - 3.66%
  • Digital VIP Movies Plus - $87.95 to $92.95 - 5.69%
  • Digital VIP Ultimate Plus Movies - $98.95 to $103.95 - 5.05%
  • The Movie Network - $14.95 to $16.95 - 13.38%
  • Movies Pack - $22.95 to $24.95 - 8.71%
Rogers Hi-Speed Internet
  • Ultra Lite - $24.95 to $25.99 - 4.17%
  • Lite - $34.95 to $35.99 - 2.98%
  • Express - $44.95 to $46.99 - 4.54%
  • Extreme - $54.95 to $59.99 - 9.17%

Organize Your Garage

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An organized workspace saves a lot of time and effort. While time is something that you might have in abundance it is still something that you should use wisely. An organized garage where you have all of your tools and supplies makes those DIY projects much easier.

Planning your workspace and purchasing quality cabinets will make you want to work on those DIY projects. Check out Car Guy Garage for all of your garage storage ideas and needs.

The cost to insure a hybrid vehicle is slightly higher than a regular vehicle.

The reason it’ll cost you a little more is because hybrid cars are still relatively new to the auto industry.

Unlike traditional car models, where parts replacement and repair options are easier to access, hybrids are not yet readily available. As a result, just as with foreign car models that require special parts ordering or specially trained mechanical care, a hybrid vehicle also requires similar attention. Hence why it’s more expensive to maintain a hybrid — and to insure, too.

For example: John Smith, born on Jan 1, 1970, with no accidents, tickets, or insurance defaults driving 20,000 km/year and living in Toronto, Ontario will pay $1917 yearly for a 2009 Honda Civic 4 door Hybrid. If John Smith was to drive a regular 2009 Honda Civic he would pay $1904 yearly.

RRSP season is coming soon and most investment firms are offering free seminars on their investment products. I attended one last night because I believe that it never hurts to examine new ideas, whether we decide to invest or not.

For attending they gave me a strong reusable plastic bag, free pizza and pop.

The Retailers Forum magazine is another source that provides a source for small businesses to find wholesale suppliers. Published since 1981, they provide merchandise for flea market booths, online websites and retail stores.

They have a completely free online version which is updated on the first of every month. Each of the issues contains ads from wholesalers of jewelry, apparel, gifts, novelties, etc. along with informative business articles.

Like the investment seminars it would not hurt to check out the Retailers Forum Magazine and perhaps start your own business on the side.

Free copy of Retailers Forum Magazine