The cost to insure a hybrid vehicle is slightly higher than a regular vehicle.

The reason it’ll cost you a little more is because hybrid cars are still relatively new to the auto industry.

Unlike traditional car models, where parts replacement and repair options are easier to access, hybrids are not yet readily available. As a result, just as with foreign car models that require special parts ordering or specially trained mechanical care, a hybrid vehicle also requires similar attention. Hence why it’s more expensive to maintain a hybrid — and to insure, too.

For example: John Smith, born on Jan 1, 1970, with no accidents, tickets, or insurance defaults driving 20,000 km/year and living in Toronto, Ontario will pay $1917 yearly for a 2009 Honda Civic 4 door Hybrid. If John Smith was to drive a regular 2009 Honda Civic he would pay $1904 yearly.