If you like to send ecards and prank telephone messages to your friends you should check out Cardfish. They have set up a free discount code for people to try the service out. You just enter the word FREE as the coupon code.

Cardfish Phone call messages include Santa's elves, The Ring (scary movie), and even president Obama.

The Ring card is quite scary. The ecard will tell your friend that something awful will happen whenever the phone is answered. At the same time their phone rings. No it won't be a telemarketer offering a free cruise. It will be Cardfish's The Ring caller trying to scare your friend.

Saw IV had a feature on their website where you could enter the phone number of your friends and the killer from the movie would call your friend. This feature was so popular and scary that people actually called the police believing that a serial killer was calling them.

The news reports about this feature on their website was great promotional material for the movie.

I get scary phone calls almost every day. The telephone rings and a voice says "Hello, Mr. Frugal Canadian I am going to send you on a free cruise. I don't care if you hate boats, get sea sick, can't swim and are paranoid about drowning in your bathtub. You have won a free cruise and you are taking it...." At this point I hang up, crawl into the little space under the stairs, rock back and forth and think of my happy place.