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If you are looking for a life partner and living in Miami then check out the Miami dating scene at It is the premier website for guys and girls living in Miami who are looking for love. Their site has thousands of members and features, photos, instant messages, forums, audio/video chatrooms. They even have 100% real verified profiles.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released the list of the top 10 cars stolen in Canada for 2008.

Honda again tops the list - the 2000 two-door Civic is the hottest car out there.

Number seven is the 2001 Audi II Quattro Roadster.

The bottom two cars are both Dodge Neons - the 1996 two and four-doors.

The IBC says the Neon is popular with thieves because it's incredibly easy to get into and usually doesn't have an anti-theft device.

In most cases, stolen cars are used as getaway vehicles in other crimes.

The Top Ten Stolen Vehicles are:

1. 2000 Honda Civic SiR 2-door
2. 1999 Honda Civic SiR 2-door
3. 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX/WRX STi 4-door AWD
4. 1995 Dodge/Plymouth Grand Caravan/Voyager
5. 1995 Dodge/Plymouth Caravan/Voyager
6. 2002 Acura RSX Type S 2-door
7. 2001 Audi TT Quattro Roadster
8. 1995 Acura Integra 2-door
9. 1996 Dodge/Plymouth Neon 2-door
10. 1996 Dodge/Plymouth Neon 4-door

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Find a Local Dentist

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If you have benefits use them. Most companies pay for your dental and health coverage. These are part of your annual compensation package. The company pays a portion of the premium, usually 80% and when every you use your benefits you co-pay the remaining 20%.

The fact that you have to pay 20% should never prevent you from using your benefits. Maximize the use of your benefits every year. Regular dental checkups will prevent catastrophic dental surgery in the future.

If you are looking for a local dentist in your area that offers all aspects of dentistry including cosmetic, general and family dentistry, you might want to check out Katy Cosmetic Dentist.

Having a lawn sprinkler systems has many advantages. You don't have to drag a garden hose all over your yard and straighten out all all of the kinks and twists. You don't have to constant adjust the sprinkler head to prevent the water from hitting you house or watering your driveway. You don't have to remember to turn off the water, drag the garden hose back in and roll it up.

The irrigation system is more efficient and your water bills are often lower. It is better to water once a week for a long time than to water every day for a little bit. It is best you water your lawn early in the morning (3am- 8am). This time frame is good because it is the coolest temperature with the least amount of wind.

This DIY project will save your time and money. It will also be hundreds of dollars cheaper than hiring a professional.


These were purchased at Home Depot. The materials should be cheaper at Canadian Tire but usually Canadian Tire has less of a selection. Make sure that flex pipe is tough enough to be buried but flexible enough to be curved. You don't want to have to dig up a broken flex pipe after the winter.

  • Lawn Edger or flat shovel.
  • 1 Utility knife.
  • 1/2" x 50' Riser Flex Pipe. Cost $21.99
  • 4" Pop up Sprinkler with Nozzle. Cost $4.49 (x3)
  • 1/2" Barb Tee. Cost $0.89 (x2)
  • 1/2" Barb Elbow. Cost $0.89
  • 1/2" pipe connector. Cost $1.20
  • 1 Roll of pipe thread PVC tape. Cost $1.99
The sprinkler system was installed using 3 pop up sprinklers, 2 barb tees and 1 barb elbow. The total cost of the system was $41.


Call your local utility companies before you dig. This is a free service and it will identify where utility lines are buried. Some housing developments have utility lines buried only 6-8 inches below the ground.

Measure and draw the area of your yard that needs to be watered. At this stage you can figure out the length of flex pipe, the number of pop up sprinkler heads, elbow and tee joints needed.

Each pop up sprinkler will cover a circular area of 6 feet from the center where the sprinkler head is located. As you add more sprinkler heads to the same flex pipe the pressure in flex pipe will drop. After adding three sprinkler heads the area of coverage had reduced to about 5 feet.

You have to take into account the drop in pressure when you plan out the system.


End of the sprinkler system. Buried sprinkler head and L joint.

Burying the flex pipe to the second sprinkler head.

Digging the hole for the T joint and the second sprinkler head.

A completed 3 head sprinkler system. An extra flex pipe is lying beside the buried system. This hose was used to add a second sprinkler system on the other side of the lawn.

Lay out the 1/2" x 50' Riser Flex Pipe along the path where the sprinkler system will be installed. Starting from the end of your sprinkler system, using a lawn edger or flat shovel cut your lawn where the flex pipe will be buried. You don't have a dig a trench. You only have to cut a path 2 inches wide.

Now dig a hole 5" by 5" and 6 inches deep. This is where the sprinkler head will be buried. Ensure that the sprinkler head is half an inch below the ground. If your sprinkler head stick up too far it will be beheaded by your lawn mower.

Connect the 1/2" pipe connector to the end of your flex pipe and connector to your water tap.

Wrap two turns of the pipe thread PVC tape around the connector end of the L joint and attach the sprinkler head. The pipe thread tape will secure a tight fit and help prevent future leaks. Attach the other end of the L joint to the flex pipe and test out the sprinkler head. Level the sprinkler head and tightly pack soil around it.

Bury the flex pipe down to the next point of the next sprinkler head. Cut the flex pipe using your utility knife. Attach the T joint to the two ends of the flex pipe. Again wrap two turns of the pipe thread PVC tape around the top of the T connector and attach the sprinkler head. Now bury and tightly pack soil around it.

Timers and fertilizer attachments can be added to your sprinkler system. Grass will grow over the cuts and holes on your lawn where the sprinkler system was installed.

Cruiser Community

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Motorcycles are a cheap and effective mode of transportation. They are built as a one or two person mode of transportation. Motorcycles are also cheap on gas and actually cheaper on insurance than cars. While they cannot transport as much as a car most people use cars only to transport themselves.

If you have always wanted a bike but do not know where to start check out this forum on the biker community. You can post your questions, read others discussions. The website users have posted pictures of this bikes, riding videos, and personal stories. This will give you a better understand of the bike enthusiast.

The site also sells factory and custom motorcycle parts and accessories.

ING has a contest where if you have your tax refund deposited into your savings account you could double it. I would imagine that only a few people have their ING savings account linked with Revenue Canada. This contest should have better chances of winning than most.

The catch is your winnings will only be equal to your refund. But for the Frugal Canadian every dollar counts.

Don’t forget to have your 2008 tax refund deposited directly into any one of your ING DIRECT Accounts. When your refund comes into your ING DIRECT Account; you’ll be automatically entered to win cash equal to your refund, up to $5,000.

The tax filing deadline is April 30th, so be sure to provide the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with the following details: Transit (“Branch”) number 00152, institution number 614, plus your ING DIRECT Account number.

Please note that Quebec residents can only have their federal tax return direct deposited. This means, the federal amount will be used for the contest.

The ING DIRECT “Double your Tax Refund Contest” runs until October 31, 2009 and we’ll announce 10 lucky winners of up to $5,000 each in November. Don’t miss your chance to be one of them. Enter and turn your tax refund into a ‘refund refund’!

Toronto Movers

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A few years back, when I moved out of my parents house into my own place it was quick and easy. I had a friend of mine borrow his step-dad truck. In a thirty minutes we loaded all of my stuff in the back drove an hour to my new place and unloaded everything in twenty minutes.

In a total of two hours we were done and drinking beers.

A few years later if I had to do the same thing again, I couldn't. My "stuff" will not fit in back of a pickup truck. My friend can no longer help me because he has a wife and child. Also if anything was to happen to the furniture I will never hear the end from my wife.

I would have to hire professional movers. Toronto Movers is a company committed to providing fast and careful services. Call them for a competitive rate, references and a stress free move.

Update: How to Stay with Paper Billing from Bell Canada - A step by step guide.

Bell Canada has been sending out letters saying that they are going green and will be automatically discontinuing your paper bill and switching you to electronic billing.

The letter reads as follows:

We're going green.

Dear [insert name]

We are wring to notify you about an important change in our eBill program.

You are currently receiving a per invoice, along with a monthly email notification advising you that your online bull can be viewed by logging in at the Bell Web site. Following your next bill, we will be discontinuing your paper invoice to help reduce paper waste and protect our forests.

If you would prefer to continue receiving a paper bill in the mail, you have the option of keeping this arrangement now and in the future. Simply log in to and click on "I wish to keep receiving paper bills".

Thank you for choosing Bell.

Jim Myers,
Senior Vice-President, Customer Experience

This program is very similar to negative option billing. In negative option billing companies sign you up without asking you and then make it your responsibility to contact them to opt out. This method of business is immoral.

It took over 20 minutes of my time to opt out of ebilling and retain paper billing. Bell Canada's ebilling does not benefit you at all. Under the guise of protecting the environment Bell Canada is trying to cut costs and increase profits at your expense.

Top 5 Reasons NOT To Go Paperless.

  1. Paper bills printed by Bell Canada are receipts. You purchased a product or service and they are your proof of purchase. Paper bills are needed for tax purposes. If your are claiming your phone bill on your taxes Revenue Canada will require proof. You can print your ebills but that will cost you money.
  2. Paper bills drive the economy. You are saving hundreds of jobs by asking for paper bills. Lumber workers, paper mill workers, Bell Canada billing workers, Bell Canada mail room workers, Canada Post sorters and letter carriers, even your blue bin recycling collector are depending on your paper bills.
  3. Paper is environmentally friendly. It is recyclable, reusable, renewable and biodegradable. Ebills are viewed on computers which use electricity (nuclear waste) and are full of heavy metals. The computer servers that your ebills are stored end up in landfills as ewaste.
  4. Computers crash, data gets erased. If Bell Canada's computers were to lose your ebills you will have no proof of purchase. If a billing dispute was to arise you do not want the company you are arguing with to hold all the evidence.
  5. Checking your ebills cost bandwidth. Since Bell Canada or your ISP is charging you for bandwidth usage it will cost you your usage allowance to check your bills.
Paper bills are easy to manage. File the bill in a folder, and when you feel that you don't need it any more recycle it.