Bell Canada offers existing customers discounts to keep you as a customer. The basic satellite package cost $39/month.

Even if you are on a contract, call Bell. Explain to them that the current recession has impacted your financial situation and you were looking to cut back on some expenses. The Bell CSR is authorized to offer you incentives to keep you as a customer, without locking you into a longer contact. The discounts offered are 10%-20% off programming (works out to $16 per month) depending on the package you have. You could also get a Bell 9242 HD PVR for $299 (after credits applied to bill).


  1. April // July 27, 2009 at 7:34 AM  

    So what will the eco - fee be used for?

  2. Anonymous // January 9, 2012 at 12:31 PM  

    Bell has so many models of satellite receivers and nobody knows if or when they will stop support on any of them. The model 9200 is just one of several models which they will no longer support. This isn't exactly brilliant when it comes to recycling although it might have more to do with selling more models and increasing sales / profits. Some of these units are hardly cheap at 500 bucks a pop and some people are buying 2 or more without realizing the costs.
    For those that buy them and discontinue their service, they will not be notified nor offered a replacement if and when they decide to no longer support those models. People don't realize how much they lose when Bell decides to drop services or support for their models. They don't find out until they call Bell to buy services for these models.