Optimum points can be collected on prescription purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart in all provinces except Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. Points are awarded on the full price of the patient's prescriptions. In the province of P.E.I optimum points are where points are awarded on the portion of the prescription paid for by the patient.

A Shoppers Optimum Member may only accumulate points for prescription drug purchases filled in his or her own name, with the exception of any of the member's children under the age of 16.

There is a way in which your can collect Optimum points on prescription purchases in Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. Buy a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card and then uses this card to pay for your prescriptions. Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards are the only electronic gift cards for which Optimum points are awarded.

If your benefits plan pays the pharmacy directly then you will only get Optimum points on your co-pay portion.

This method is exactly the same as doubling your Optimum points by buying Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards with your rewards credit card and then using the Shoppers Drug Mart gift card to pay for your purchases. You double your Optimum points and get your credit card rewards as well.