Electronic rust protection devices do not work for automobiles. Devices like the Counteract Electronic Rust Protection available for $200 from Canadian Tire are a complete waste of money.

Electronic rust protection devices use a technique called Cathodic protection. The device forces a protective flow of electrons to the metal that needs protection. Cathodic Protection can only work if there is a complete electrical circuit to bring back electrons. Automobiles cannot have a complete circuit because they are not grounded. Automobiles have non-conductive rubber tires. All of the metal to be protected needs to be surrounded by free electrons so simply grounding your car will not work.

Electronic rust protection devices have been used with success to protect against corrosion on many structures and systems including sea going ships, buried pipelines, and even reinforced concrete. All of these structures are grounded or have contact with water which has ions surrounding the metal which completes the circuit.

Modern automobiles have zinc electroplating on the entire chassis of the car to protect against rusting. Most manufactures provide 3 year warranties against rust. Extra rust protection such as oils and sprays provide minimal, if any protection. Rust occurs not where the metal is dry, nor where the metal is wet - but at the interface between the wet and dry metal.

Rust on your automobile is cancerous and more rust will form around old rust.

Preventing Automobile Rusting

  • Always park your car in your garage to prevent exposure from rain or snow. If you have no garage, cover your car with a car cover if possible.
  • Clean all dirt, salt and mud so that rust does not form underneath. This is especially important during winter when salt is used on the roads.
  • Wax your car once every four months.
  • Drive further behind other vehicles to prevent paint chips from small stones they kick up.
  • Clean out all of the drain holes so that water does not collect.
  • Use touch up paint and fix chipped paint to protect any exposed metal.
  • Remove and fix rust spots immediately to prevent further rusting.