Many people are having difficulty accessing Bell Canada's website to stay with paper billing. Here is a step by step how to guide on staying with paper billing from Bell.

The best method should be to call Bell and tell them that you want to remain on paper billing. While doing so complain that they are wasting your time with their negative option ebilling. Bell Canada can be reached at:

In Ontario and Quebec: 310-BELL (2355) (no charge)*
From anywhere else in Canada and the U.S.: 1 800 668-6878 (no charge)

Hours of operation
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The website is

You can click on the images to make the screen shots larger.

1. Enter in the URL bar.
2. Click the "Register now" button to create an online account. This is assuming that you have never created an online account with Bell.

3. On the next page click on "Register now" again to create an online account.

4. Enter all of the required information to create an online account.
5. Uncheck the box that authorizes Bell to send you junk email.
6. Click "Continue".

Now you should received a confirmation activation email from Bell. If there is a link in this email click on it to activate your account. If there is no confirmation email check your junk mail folder.

Otherwise you can try entering your user name and password.

7. Enter your user name.
8. Enter your password.
9. Click on "Log in".

Your billing profile should now show up with your name and account number.

10. Check the box that says "I want to receive a paper bill"
11. Click on "Continue"

You should receive a confirmation screen.

The process is quite long it will take you 20-30 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or complaints you should call Bell and voice your concerns.

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Would you pay more money for less service? Well that is what you are doing if your internet service provider is Bell Canada or Rogers Inc. The two largest internet service providers in Canada charge more than other smaller ISPs such as Teksavvy or Acanac for less service.

Use "too much" internet and you will be charged "over usage charges" from $1.50-$2.50/GB.

Four years of experience as a Teksavvy customer without any problems. Hours of YouTube, iTunes, Wii Connect, Internet Radio, Windows Service Packs, 24 hour IMs, Emails and all without notifications from Rogers or Bell that you have reached your monthly bandwidth limit. Over usage charges from Bell and Rogers can cost you anywhere from $25 to $30 per month.

The cost of 1GB of bandwidth to Rogers or Bell is $0.025. 60GB of bandwidth costs the ISPs only $1.50. Customers are charged 3300% more.

Click on the chart below to see a price comparison between Rogers, Bell, Teksavvy and Acanac.

Acanac Inc.

  • $18.95/month for 1st 12 months
  • $33.95/month regular price
  • 5 MB/800K
  • Unlimited bandwidth
Teksavvy Solutions
  • $29.95/month
  • 5 MB/800K
  • 200GB bandwidth
  • $39.95/month
  • Unlimited bandwidth